It is our target to develop customised products based on individual requirements that add value and competitive advantage for our customers.

Changing goals, Reach legislation, VinylPlus, High speed extrusion, Cost efficient solutions are the driving forces for our innovations.

Quality & Certification

All aspects of the process are documented and completely traceable from the raw materials through to the final stabiliser.
Our team conducts product development, production and quality assurance with care and professionalism to ensure that we manufacture stabilisers of the highest quality and consistency.

We are certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001


We are continuously developing new heavy metal free stabilisers to improve sustainability.
These products are manufactured in a lean and optimized process following the Quality, Health and Safety legislations.


IKA has one of Europe’s most state of the art production plants and we are producing stabilisers with the latest technology. The mixing and dosing equipment is fully automated and computer controlled. With this we offer our customers tailor made products according customer needs, high flexibility and robust manufacturing, consistent product quality for small and big production batches, contamination free manufacturing and separation free and homogeneous end products.


We respond quickly and are flexible to customer’s needs.
We can produce large orders as well as specialities in small order sizes with high efficiency and precision.


Our objective is to build partnership and close cooperation with our customers.
Every customer benefits from our know-how, our long term experience and our service.