2021In August, IKA commissions a new large-scale production plant in order to increase capacity for the patent-protected, dust-free products. The new production line simultaneously strengthens local jobs and the location in the region. The launch was met with great interest by Minister Prof. Dr. Willingmann, County Commissioner Mr. Andy Grabner and of Deputy Mayor of Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Mr. Stefan Herman.

2019 IKA is represented at the K-Fair; introduces oneself and meets with clients and suppliers.

2018 In September, the new loading silo is beeing inaugurated and provides the opportunity of filling bulk materials such as IKAMOD into silo vehicles.

2016 IKA is represented at the K-Fair; introduces oneself and meets with clients and suppliers.

2015 As an exclusive partner for Western Europe, IKA introduces the innovative products of Shandong Rike Chemical to the European market.

2014 In September, IKA celebrates the 20th company anniversary and is joined by international guests.

2013 The new storage facility with high-rise racking providing 2.000m² storage is inaugurated.

2012 The laying of the foundation  stone ceremony for the construction of the new office building with photovoltaic system takes place.

2010 Construction and commissioning of our patented plant for S-Granulation.

2008 With the environment certification DIN EN ISO 14001, IKA confirms the sustainable orientation of our corporate strategy.

2007 With the launch of EUROSTAB®,  we provide innovative Calcium-Zinc-Stabilisers as effective replacement for Lead-Stabilisers. Another innovation was offered with the launch of the completely heavy-metal free stabiliser, GREENSTAB®.

2004 IKA doubled its production capacity with the commissioning of the most modern CaZn production facility in Europe.

2002 Because of the high international demand, IKA established a subsidiary company IKA UK in Great Britain.


2000 With the voluntary commitment “Vinyl 2010”, we acknowledge our responsibility for the use of natural resources.

1997 With the certification DIN EN ISO 9001, IKA demonstrates the production on a high-quality level and continuously works to optimize both products and services.

1995 One year after IKA was founded, the production process starts.

1994 IKA GmbH & Co. KG is founded in Bitterfeld-Wolfen by Dr. Reinhard Beck, Karl Habl and Peter Hacker.