PVC Stabilisers

The characteristics of PVC products like window profiles or pipes depend on the used stabiliser. PVC is hard and brittle and is only mouldable with add on of plasticiser and stabilisers. Stabilisers make the processing of PVC possible and safe the finished product from changings through heat, ultraviolet light and oxygen.

Window Profiles

Foamed Profiles

Technical Profiles


Pipes and Fittings



Films & Roof Sheeting


GreenStab® - Heavy Metal Free Organic Stabilisers

GreenStab® stabilisers are the result of intensive research and development with focus on universal application and sustainability. These stabilisers can be used when heavy metals and even Zinc have to be avoided.


EuroStab® - Calcium Zinc Stabilisers

With the latest generation of EuroStab® Calcium Zinc stabilisers we offer tailormade systems as effective replacements for Lead, Barium Zinc and Tin stabilisers. These products are highly efficient, with low dosage levels and high cost competitiveness.

Delivery Forms

IKA stabilisers can be delivered in powder, compacted granules or S-granules.


A selection of packaging options is available and includes big bags, steel containers, paper or PE bags, film sachets in cardboard box, mobile bulk silo and road tankers. These options provide a means of secure transport and appropriate handling.